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  • METROCON will only accept presentations that are one (1) hour in length and that can be taught in a classroom style configuration.
  • Promotional material for specific products or services geared to encourage sales cannot be submitted.
  • All continuing education courses chosen will be cumulatively reviewed and approved by the IDCEC [Interior Design Continuing Education Council], so that they are recognized by the three IDCEC core member organizations: ASID [American Society of Interior Designers], IDC [Interior Designers of Canada] and IIDA [International Interior Design Association].
  • Presentations DO NOT have to be pre-approved by IDCEC to be considered. All courses chosen that do not already have individual, non-expired IDCEC numbers will be submitted by METROCON to IDCEC together. Once approved, each course will receive an individual, one-time use conference IDCEC course number that can be used for this conference only.

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For a course to be considered as previously approved, you must furnish the approval number from the appropriate entity. Please use the following fields to supply this course's previous approval numbers.
IDCEC defines a Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) designated CEU as one where a minimum of 75% of the CEU content covers knowledge and practice of interior design that is focused on protection of the public and the environment. The subject of these CEUs can include, but is not limited to, codes, fire and life safety systems, sustainability, barrier free, energy compliance (HVAC, water, acoustics, electrical, etc.)

IDCEC defines a General Knowledge CEU as one where the CEU covers general knowledge regarding interior design practice and process and where less than 75% of the CEU content covers health, safety, welfare, barrier free design or sustainability. The subject of these CEUs may include, but is not limited to, the five phases of design including programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents and contract administration.

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Basic level CEUs provide general information, awareness and understanding of a topic. They transfer new information without substantial prerequisite knowledge to process or use it. Learning objectives may be to understand, describe, define, or recognize new information. This level is appropriate for CEUs that are presenting new concepts or conveying information in a limited time frame with minimal interaction by the participants.

Intermediate level CEUs focus on understanding and comprehension of a topic with in-depth material or explanation by the instructor. They require the learner to be more engaged and produce more tangible outcomes, interacting with the material and using the information in practice applications and therefore require some prerequisite knowledge. Objectives may be to analyze, assess, select, or compare/contrast new information. At this level, CEUs should include activities such as discussions, practice assignments, or self-check assessments.

Advanced level CEUs focus on extensive application and implementation of highly technical or detailed topics, preparing learners to complete a definitive action after the CEU, and require substantial prerequisite knowledge. The CEU material and activities allow the learner to gain the new knowledge, practice its application and be able to apply the information on their own. Objectives may be to implement, design, calculate, produce, validate or create a tangible product or action. At this level, CEUs encompass enough material and time, typically several hours to multiple days, to allow the learner to achieve and demonstrate the objectives. CEUs should include interactive activities and assessment measures.

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METROCON will provide a large rectangular table, projector, screen, microphone and speakers

You MUST provide your own:

  • Laptop and/or tablet with your presentation loaded onto it.
  • Any dongles/adaptors required to connect the HDMI cable from the projector to your device.
  • Remote presentation “clicker” to advance slides (if desired & highly recommended).
  • Laser pointer (if desired).

Please click on the SUBMIT button below to complete your submission. You will have an opportunity to add another submission after you submit this one on the next page. If you need to add any additional information that was not submitted at this time you can add that information at later time (head shots, presenter files, etc.) by logging into your user dashboard. The Submission deadline is March 1, 2019. Please provide all needed information by March 1, 2019. You can always contact us for assistance by sending your request to